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We evaluate the floor line void space protection system needed due to common construction tolerances and to allow for normal building envelop movement. Historical fire data has demonstrated the importance of protecting this gap between the edge of the concrete floor and the exterior curtain wall to limit interior fire spread. Section 715.4 of the 2012 International Building Code (IBC), Exterior curtain wall/floor intersection, requires protecting this critical building feature. Perimeter fire barrier systems are tested and listed in accordance with ASTM E2307. Details such as wall framing, glass installation, insulation materials, gap width, and  spandrel insulation are factors in providing a robust system capable of resisting flame passage for the required amount of time.

Our engineers regularly evaluate the anticipated fire performance of a field installed or designed perimeter fire barrier system for compliance with the building code requirements. When deviations between the tested systems and the installed system are identified by the design team, our engineers review the field conditions and develop technically based solutions which will provide the code prescribed level of protection