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We undertake confidential studies of new and existing facilities for compliance with applicable building and fire codes. Our fire engineers thoroughly study and analyze existing fire protection and life safety systems for compliance with existing local codes and standards.
We also undertake code compliance for under-construction projects wherein specifications have not been followed during project execution. Subsequently, an equivalency has been developed in line with similar project conditions and well-practised protocol.

CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION SUPPORT                                                            

XELUXE Engineering provides construction administration support for large design/building projects. Administering contracts, furnishing on-site coordination of trades and providing project, cost, time and quality management on behalf of the facility’s owner, property manager or construction supervisor. The objective is to make sure fire protection systems are installed as designed, on time and within the project budget.

Our fire protection and life safety construction administration support services include:

  • Shop drawing review
  • Periodic site surveys and construction progress reports
  • Witness testing and acceptance of fire protection systems
  • Punch-list development and follow up
  • Third-party surveys and Certification
  • Construction quality control
  • Final Safety Audit
  • Special inspection services
  • Fireproofing
  • Smoke control
  • Fire stop and joint systems

 Our services comprise Reviews, Technical Evaluation, Recommendation, Inspection, Reporting and Approval of the Facade system.

  • The scope of services (SoS) involves the detailed façade envelope drawings review against the relevant provision of the current UAE Fire and Life Safety Code of Practice and applicable NFPA requirements. The ultimate purpose of this review is to gain approval with D-CD.
  • Review the drawings of exterior facade assembly system in relation to the requirement of Section 4, Chapter 1 of UAE FC 2018;
  • Review the test certificates and test reports for proposed exterior facade materials;
  • Provide comments and recommendations if any;
  • D-CD Submission.
  • Conduct field survey for an evaluation of site condition for the proposed external wall assembly system and inspection report preparation as per A 2.9 of UAE FC 2018.



The posting of emergency evacuation plans and evacuation maps allow for greater building occupant safety. Evacuation diagrams indicate the viewer location on the floor plan; provide emergency evacuation routes to designated exits and present fire/safety equipment locations with written evacuation instructions. We provide

  • Emergency Response Plan Audits
  • Emergency Evacuation Strategy and Plan Development
  • Integration with Local Authorities
  • Occupant Awareness Programs
  • Emergency Management Training
  • Workplace Violence Programs