Who We Are

XELUXE Fire Safety Consultancy is one of the leading fire engineering consultants offering expert fire engineering, means of egress design, spread over Saudi Arabia and UAE. We offer expert fire engineering, means of egress design, fire risk assessment, fire protection system design services. Also, we provide fire inspections, audits, and other related consultancy services to the industrial, commercial, business, residential, and other infrastructure sectors. We at XELUXE comprise of a team of qualified professionals who add value to any development project with state of the art fire and life safety services right from conception to installation and subsequent training. Within the industry circles, we are an approved fire and life safety team, recognized as experts in fire protection codes and standards.

We, at XELUXE, comprehend the demands of industrial occupancy which have their own unique sets of challenges, and downtime due to an incident that can prove to be extremely costly for the companies. This is where we come in to help identify common risks and strategies for avoiding conditions that might give rise to contingencies and thereby reduce the number of fire and life safety incidents.

With us, you will receive a superior solution in the domain of fire and life safety design, consulting, contracting and related management services you would expect from the industry renowned authority on codes and standards.

With us, you will be assured a high level of confidence that we are exhaustively addressing on your projects fire protection requirements. While meeting your needs with focus and innovation, we also meet the challenge of advancing the fire protection industry through our extensive, hands-on involvement in codes and standards development and training. At Xeluxe, our fire engineering consultants collaborate closely with our clients, design teams, contractors, and regulatory authorities. We help to identify potential fire safety issues in the project, arrive at a consensus on all fire and life safety compliances. Moreover, we present the most innovative fire safety design solutions.

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  • We use a multifaceted technical approach to every project to ensure comprehensive and all-encompassing solutions. We are committed to ensuring the projects' success.
  • At Xeluxe, we are dedicated to providing complex and challenging projects with high-quality engineering solutions that both exceed regulatory requirements and completely satisfy client needs.
  • Individual initiatives are established to ensure that our fire safety recommendations are carried out up until the project's completion. We are committed to achieving complete client satisfaction in every area of quality.
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Our Services

Fire Risk Assessment
Fire and life safety report and plan development
Performance-based design
Facade Approvals
Fire Protection System Design
Inspection, Testing and Quality Management

Our services do not limit to the above.

We go the extra mile to create a suitable bond between you and the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) and fire-service personnel. We feel that it is our duty and responsibility to share our insight with service companies, building strong operating management, exacting code enforcement and great bonding with officials and industry associations that matter.

At the helm of our team are some of the best people in the fire and life safety industry including registered engineers, authorized trainers of local and International Codes. We invite you to allow us to put our experience, strengths and knowledge to work for you.


  • To be the leading fire and life safety consultancy service in the Middle East
  • Maximize long term returns for our stake holders
  • Building of XELUXE as a unique brand in the Middle East region.


  • To provide the highest level of fire and life safety engineering, consultancy services to our clients.
  • Focusing on delivering the best in the fire protection industry.
  • Focus on how we can best benefit our clients and the fire protection industry, as a whole.


  • XELUXE holds itself accountable to be always a fair, transparent and responsible employer.
  • Quality, added value and sustainable growth generated
  • Our employees enjoy an environment of growth
  • Continuous learning and always striving to be innovative.