XELUXE is one of the leading Fire Safety Consultants operating in the Middle East region. We are pioneers in performance-based design. In addition, we also perform detailed engineering analysis for comprehensive fire and life safety for our projects.

XELUXE Fire Safety Consultant can contribute to value engineering approaches. We achieve code compliance with local and international jurisdictions from the initial architectural designs. We have a professional team of fire protection engineers & fire safety consultants with vast experience and essential fire engineering competence. Hence, we can manage challenging designs in modern buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, high rises, industrial, large volume spaces, infrastructure, facades. Furthermore, we have completed and obtained approval from the General Directorate of Civil Defense Dubai for numerous infrastructure projects in Dubai for our esteemed clients through our sister firm, Agura Consultancy.

Fire Safety Consultants

Agura Consultancy has received certification and approval from Dubai's General Directorate of Civil Defense to operate as a "House of Expertise" (Fire Safety Consultant). To save lives, protect properties, ensure business continuity, and protect the environment, Xeluxe specializes in offering impartial building code compliance and fire engineering consultancy services.We employ highly skilled and competent fire safety consultants with substantial international experience and in-depth local expertise to work for our valuable clients. To develop customized, cost-effective fire safety solutions, we carefully collaborate with the client and design teams to understand their design intentions.

Also, we then employ advanced fire engineering analysis and methodologies. We strive to use cutting-edge technology and provide innovative solutions. We thereby expect to improve sustainability and the ease of building construction development. Thus, we offer high quality fire safety engineering services and solutions to our clients.

What We Offer

Our wide-ranging services encompass almost all aspects of fire safety. Our expert consulting and execution covers code compliance benchmarks for inspection times, device troubleshooting, and other key performance indicators.

Xeluxe fire consultancy has a team of highly experienced professionals for providing the best fire modeling service in Saudi Arabia. Building and fire codes require construction and fire safety features based on a one-size-fits-all approach.

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A fire risk assessment is a systematic examination of what in your job activities and workplace potentially puts people in danger from fire. It will aid in determining the probability of a fire developing and the fire hazards that the workplace poses to those who work there.

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A facade is the front of a building, typically the part that faces the street. It can also be referred to as a building’s exterior and can be made of many different materials, including brick, stone, wood, glass, or metal. It is often decorated with features such as windows, doors, and balconies.

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Xeluxe undertakes Third-party Active & Passive Fire Safety Inspection, Testing & Installation consultancy Services in Saudi Arabia (KSA) at the best quote.

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The Fire and Life Safety Strategy aims to set out the fire engineering principles to be employed and developed to achieve compliance with the functional requirements of the Building Regulations relevant to the development.

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We do not just design sprinkler and fire alarm systems. We design fire protection systems with a total building approach familiarizing ourselves with the whole building, inside and out

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process safety services in UAE & KSA

Process Safety

Process safety services are aimed at identifying, evaluating, and controlling hazards and risks associated with industrial processes to prevent accidents and ensure safety. These services include process safety management, safety engineering, safety culture assessment, and process safety training.

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consequence modeling

Consequence modeling

Consequence modeling services are an essential tool for any fire safety company looking to accurately assess the risks of a potential fire & plan for its potential consequences. We offer customized consequence modeling services tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Our team works closely with clients to identify their specific fire risks and develop strategies to mitigate those risks.

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Quantitative Risk Assessment

Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)

Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) is a critical component of any comprehensive fire safety program. QRA is a method that will identify, analyze, and evaluate potential hazards and the risks associated with fire in a facility or building.

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About Us

We at XELUXE firesafety comprise of a team of qualified professionals who add value to any development project with state of the art fire and life safety services right from conception to installation and subsequent training.

We, at XELUXE the best Fire Safety Service Providers KSA, comprehend the demands of industrial occupancy which have their own unique sets of challenges, and downtime due to an incident that can prove to be extremely costly for the companies. This is where we come in to help identify common risks and strategies for avoiding conditions that might give rise to contingencies and thereby reduce the number of fire and life safety incidents.



Commitment to excellence and continuous innovation has been the two key point at xeluxe fire and life safety. Our team members are involved in providing Fire system and Life Safety design solutions to many of the iconic projects around the Middle East.

Southern Dunes Hotel, Red Sea Project

B19 Building, Dubai Airport, Dubai

HMC Heart Hospital, Qatar

National Center for Cancer Care & Research, Qatar


The following is the list of XELUXE outstanding clients, who have been satisfied with our services. XELUXE fire safety has established a long term relationship with most of them and they have become part of the XELUXE regular client portfolio.